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The end of the CheD project

The KA2 Erasmus+ project “CHED – Chess platform for deaf people” (project number: 613577-EPP-1-2019-1-RO-SPO-SCP) is going to finish on 30 December. Its Consortium is composed of 7 organizations (coming from Italy, Romania, Greece, Poland, Armenia, Turkey and Ireland) with expertise in deafness and empowerment.

Together, they worked hard to reach the goals for which CHED is born, that is the inclusion and the increasement of sport and chess activities of deaf people. In fact, it’s well known the lack of involvement in these fields, as well as in various situations. To challenge these dynamics, the partners:

  • At first analysed the actual situation of access to sport and the existing barriers in every country of the consortium, through interviews, focus groups and questionnaires to deaf people and to people active in sport and in chess. This need analyses have been included in national reports and in the European one of the project, comprehensive of the history of sign languages and deaf community;
  • Created an interactive platform, to teach chess through scenarios and sign languages in every partner’s country;
  • With the support of chess trainers, they developed the non-formal training material divided in initiation, basic, intermediate and advanced levels.
  • Elaborated assessment tools to evaluate deaf people’s skills before and after the training, as well as to increase their self-confidence.

What’s expected is a real change and difference for the target group, supporting them in social and sport activities, as well as promoting self-confidence and emancipation.

During the 30 months of the project, started on 2020, the partnership has been strongly consolidated, also thanks to the 6 transnational meetings which allow consortium members to spent time together besides the discussion of the project state and steps. The wish is also a future collaboration, reaching more goals together.

If you want to look and test the platform too, just click here! Your feedback is very important for all the partners, so please try the training course and fill the evaluation form!

If you want to stay tuned, follow the project Facebook and Youtube social media.

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