Grobina Archaeological Ensemble site management discussions

Landward Research Ltd were invited by South Kurzeme Municipality and Latvijas Universitāte to contribute to discussions regarding the potential nomination of the Grobiņa archaeological ensemble for inscription on the list of World Heritage Sites. Kenneth Aitchison was interviewed by Latvian TV channel, TV Kurseme, about the initiative. Grobiņa archaeological ensemble is situated in the western […]

The end of the CheD project

chessboard image with black king standing and fallen white pieces

The KA2 Erasmus+ project “CHED – Chess platform for deaf people” (project number: 613577-EPP-1-2019-1-RO-SPO-SCP) is going to finish on 30 December. Its Consortium is composed of 7 organizations (coming from Italy, Romania, Greece, Poland, Armenia, Turkey and Ireland) with expertise in deafness and empowerment. CHED – The end of the project Together, they worked hard to […]

North Sea Prehistory Research and Management Framework

Four Logos: Landward Research; Wessex Archaeology; Historic England; The Crown Estate

This project pulls together into one place all the knowledge already available about the North Sea’s submerged prehistory (in the English sector) and creates a Framework with a set of questions and areas that require further exploration.

Understanding Models for the Delivery of Local Authority Archaeology Services

Local authority archaeology services in England are delivered via a variety of mechanisms and structures that have evolved according to local circumstances.
In order to assist local authorities in supporting services that are effective for their own unique needs, ALGAO: England commissioned Landward Research to develop an understanding of how these structures have evolved and what contributes to their success or failure.

Development-Led Archaeology in Scotland and Covid-19

Landward is delighted to be involved in the publication of the FAME / ALGAO  Development-led Archaeology in Scotland and Covid-19. This publication has brought together contributors from across Scotland, involved in both the commercial and curatorial sides of development-led archaeology to show the sector’s resilience in the face of the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. […]