Web/Software Development

Landward Research specialises in website and software development especially for the cultural sector. We work with clients and partners to build platforms based on the very specific needs of the individual organisations.

We create e-learning materials that integrate with current or bespoke website platforms. Clients can provide the content, or we can work with you to develop the e-learning materials. Using our extensive knowledge, we can incorporate custom and live interfaces to deliver exactly what your organisation requires.

Programming as a full stack developer we work in the Back End of the software application as well as the front end. Using a wide variety of software we can create databases and graphic design to meet your needs.

We work with people all over the world with organisations both large and small. We look forward to hearing from you about how we can best deliver your website and software development requirements.

What We Do For You

  • Application Programming Interface (API) creation
  • Bespoke software development
  • Custom interfaces
  • Database creation and optimization
  • Digital project management
  • Live interface tutorials
  • Programming as a full stack developer
  • Website development

Featured Web/Software Development Projects

The Research Frameworks Network

We have worked closely with Historic England and Society of Antiquaries of Scotland on this ongoing project to undertake the Website Platform Development for The Research Frameworks Network.

For over 30 years ago, archaeologist have been creating Research Frameworks, which are summaries of our current knowledge on an area and future research goals. These have been static productions, books or PDFs, that quickly fall out of date. This platform will ensure the Frameworks stay up to date and we are able to track in real time which goals are being met, or not. It also allows the integration of Research Frameworks with other digital platforms such as OASIS, a database of archaeological investigations in the UK. This will allow archaeologists to see which projects are contributing to answering which research questions.

Agent Based Modelling for Archaeologists

This is a current project to create Open Learning Resources (OLR) to teach archaeologists how to use Agent Based Modelling (ABM). The OLRs will employ a new innovation in learning, instead of creating traditional resources such as videos or written tutorials this project will embed the learning process directly into the ABM software. This will allow users to focus just on learning instead of trying to switching between different views i.e. from the tutorial PDF back to the software.

Landward Research's main role is to develop the live interface tutorials from the learning content created by the other project members, based in Denmark and Netherlands.

Together as part of the project team we will attend conferences and host training workshops to disseminate the Open Learning Resources and teach people how to use the live interface tutorials.