What We Do

Labour Market Intelligence. The company is recognised internationally as being the leading provider of labour market intelligence for the heritage sector, having undertaken surveys (and presented analytical results) of the professional archaeology sector in the United Kingdom on a quinquennial cycle, every five years from 1997-98 to 2012-13, and then coordinating two pan-European projects (Discovering the Archaeologists of Europe) in 2007-08 and 2012-13, involving up to 23 partners.

We have also undertaken comparable work for the artefact conservation profession in the UK. We are well equipped to deliver comparable surveys in other defined sectoral or geographical areas, adapting our survey methodology according to the context of the work. Our Executive Director, Kenneth Aitchison, was awarded his PhD in 2011 for exactly this work. and our Labour Market Intelligence methodologies can also be adapted to function at a single-organisation scale in order to undertake Skills Needs Assessment exercises, or to undertake other forms of in-country social research.

E-learning Development and Delivery, where the company has extensive experience of designing training course content, matching learning materials to occupational standards, authoring targeted development materials, developing e-learning modules and delivering these through Learning Management Systems. We have undertaken such work for a wide range of UK and European clients, including on several projects supported by the European Commission. We also work with a wide range of subject matter experts who we can bring in to projects as necessary.

Monitoring and Evaluation. We have experience of undertaking monitoring and evaluation of major skills development and training projects, for clients that operate internationally, including the British Council. The company’s Executive Director has been formally trained in this area by the Capacity Africa Training Institute.

Project Management. We have experience of managing projects, ranging in scale from micro- to macro-; the largest projects we have managed have been multi-annual activities involving up to 23 internationally distributed partners. We have experience of managing budgets of up to six figures (in UK pounds and Euro). The company’s Executive Director, Kenneth Aitchison, is a formally accredited PRINCE2® Practitioner, and the company uses PRINCE2® methodology on all of its projects.