Kenneth Aitchison

Kenneth is the Founder and CEO of Landward Research Ltd, which he first established in 1997. He is also CEO of its subsidiaries in Ireland and the United States, and at Landward he works internationally to design and deliver successful skills development, heritage management and foresight projects for academic, government and commercial clients.

He has worked in leadership and senior policy development positions for trade and professional associations in the heritage sector (FAME – Federation of Archaeological Managers and Employers, Chartered Institute for Archaeologists and Icon: the Institute of Conservation), and is currently the embedded CEO of the Federation of Archaeological Managers and Employers.

Kenneth is internationally recognised as the leading world expert in acquiring and analysing employment data for professional archaeology that is then used for foresight and policy development (and was awarded his PhD by research publication for work in this area).

He is a demonstrated thought leader in cultural heritage and the historic environment shown through a wide range of peer-reviewed publications and international academic conference presentations.

The Team

I lead and ensure the growth and profitability of the company.
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Dr Kenneth Aitchison
Founder & CEO

Genevieve is a former diplomat with a wealth of international experience .
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Genevieve Aitchison
Strategy and Operations Manager

I act as a consultant and heritage advisor for Landward.
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David Connolly
Heritage Consultant

Alia develops projects and partnerships in cultural heritage and tourism.
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Alia Fares
Heritage Adviser

I design publications and reports for the cultural sector.
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Quonya Huff
I'm an analyst who geeks out about data and tech.
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Dr Doug Rocks-Macqueen
Director of Analysis, Research and Technology