The Survey of Archaeological Specialists 2010-11

The Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for Archaeology is proud to announce the publication of a new report, which can be downloaded, free of charge, from our website using the link below.

The Survey of Archaeological Specialists 2010-11

Kenneth Aitchison

Survey of Archaeological Specialists 2010-11

This is a major update of the Survey of Archaeological Specialists undertaken in 2000. This survey was commissioned jointly by the Higher Education Academy’s Subject Centre for History, Classics and Archaeology and English Heritage, and the research was undertaken by Landward Research Ltd.

The current report synthesises data from 235 individual responses to a survey of current specialists undertaken in Spring 2011.  This report examines the contemporary  nature of specialist work in archaeology in the areas of;  finds study, environmental study, conservation, physical dating, survey, historical research, archiving, report production, illustration and photography.  It provides data on the profile of archaeological specialists, the charges for different specialist services in archaeology, the current level of competition for the provision of specialist services. The report also identifies gaps in the provision of these services, and the risk of potential skills losses in the provision of  specialists across the range of archaeological services in the next 5 years.  Finally, the training needs for current specialists and for the support of new entrants are examined.   


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