A Mirror for Japanese Archaeology

A Mirror for Japanese Archaeology Kenneth AITCHISON. Japanese Journal of Archaeology 4 (2016): 76-84. Abstract This paper reports what the author experienced about Japanese Archaeological daily practices with specific focus upon their organisational and legal aspects when he visited Japan in 2012. Critical and sympathetic comments are made in comparison with the picture on the ground in […]

Breaking New Ground reviewed in Arqueologia Publica

Breaking New Ground: how professional archaeology works has been reviewed in Volume 4 – 2014 of Arqueologia Publica. The full review is at http://www.arqueologiapublica.es/descargas/1418066119.pdf   REVIEWS Doug ROCKS-MACQUEEN Breaking New Ground: How Professional Archaeology Works [Kenneth Aitchison] Landward Research 2013 Kindle Edition The first thing a reader will notice about this book is the lack […]