Landward Research Ltd now has a presence in Nepal. Kenneth Aitchison will be based in Kathmandu for the next three years, but the company remains a UK limited company with a registered address in Sheffield. This means that Landward Research Ltd (and our subsidiary companies) now has offices or staff in England, Scotland, the USA […]

Festival Asia

Kenneth Aitchison's presentation at Festival Asia on 15th May 2015 Archaeology and Living Heritage in Asia and What it Means to Nepal After the Earthquake(s) can be downloaded here (pptx), with a full audio recording of the presentation here (aac).    

Landward Research Ltd

Landward Research Ltd is a labour market intelligence, skills development and monitoring & evaluation consultancy. We are committed to developing people's skills to support communities and to protect environmental assets around the world. We are a not-for-distributable-profit social enterprise with offices or staff in Sheffield, Edinburgh, Musselburgh, Stoke-upon-Trent and New Mexico from which we seek […]