Landward Research Teoranta

Tírbarda Teoranta, Landward Research Ltd’s wholly owned subsidiary in the Republic of Ireland, has been renamed Landward Research Teoranta.

Interns at Landward Research Ltd

We are delighted to welcome Anjumon Ali and Niloufar Javadi Abhari to the company. They join us as Summer Research Interns, and will be working on the Green Skills at Vocational Education project over the coming weeks. Niloufar is an anthropology undergraduate at UCL, and will be starting her second year in the autumn. Anjumon […]

New Director appointed

Landward Research Ltd are delighted to announce that Doug Rocks-Macqueen has been appointed as the company's Director of Analysis, Research and Technology. Doug has already been working for Landward Research Ltd for some time, having contributed to many projects including co-authoring Discovering the Archaeologists of the United Kingdom 2012-14 and leading the community archaeology excavations at […]

Discovering the Archaeologists of the United Kingdom 2012-14

Discovering the Archaeologists of the United Kingdom 2012-14 (Aitchison & Rocks-Macqueen 2014) has been published; textually, this is identical to Archaeology Labour Market Intelligence: Profiling the Profession 2012-13, the cover pages have been updated to allow it to fit neatly into the Discovering the Archaeologists of Europe 2012-14 series, where 21 comparable national reports are […]

Archaeology and the Global Economic Crisis

Landward Research Ltd is now providing a mirror download site for Schlanger, N. & Aitchison, K. (eds) 2010 Archaeology and the Global Economic Crisis: multiplpe impacts, possible solutions.

Boosting Skills Across Europe

Vocational Training System in Archaeological Heritage Based Upon E-Learning Resource, an e-learning development and delivery project that Landward Research Ltd was a partner in has been highly commended and is reported on in the European Commission's Leonardo da Vinci brochure, which highlights the best of the successful projects that have "developed sector-relevant  work-based learning and […]

State of the Archaeological Market, December 2012

Commercial, applied archaeology grew modestly in the nine months to December 2012. However, a wider data collection exercise has revealed that the size of the entre archaeological sector had been consistently overestimated. The total numbers working in archaeology are considerably lower than had been previously believed. Within commercial, applied archaeology, overall business confidence is improving. […]

Reviews for Breaking New Ground

Breaking New Ground: how professional archaeology works, published by Landward Research Ltd, has received a couple of reviews on Amazon. It has also been reviewed in RESCUE News by Reuben Thorpe (with the same review text as published on Amazon) "Aitchison will be known as probably the most hard working and prolific writer about archaeology in the […]

Studying Archaeology in Europe

Studying Archaeology in Europe is a new transnational project being managed by . Within Europe, professional archaeology is an activity regulated according to local legislative structures. Throughout Europe, however, the purpose of archaeological work is to identify, record and, where necessary, protect the environmental resources that are the archaeological traces of people’s lives in the […]

The Survey of Archaeological Specialists 2010-11

The Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for Archaeology is proud to announce the publication of a new report, which can be downloaded, free of charge, from our website using the link below. The Survey of Archaeological Specialists 2010-11 Kenneth Aitchison Survey of Archaeological Specialists 2010-11 This is a major update of the Survey of Archaeological Specialists […]