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    Mark Spanjer, EAA Executive Board candidate

    Mark Spanjer, one of Landward Research Ltd’s Directors, is standing for election to the European Association of Archaeologists‘ Executive Board in 2017. Landward Research Ltd strongly endorses his candidacy! This is his inspiring election statement. The year was 2000 and I, Mark Spanjer, was at the European Association of Archaeologists annual meeting for the first time. I can still see Lisbon’s Centro Cultural de Belem in my mind’s eye. All was strange, new and wonderful but at the same time I felt a sort of homecoming. One thing had become clear to me: there is a European Archaeology! For many it is not yet very recognisable and it is an…

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    Videorecording at EAA Glasgow conference

    Landward Research Ltd were delighted to provide videorecording services to the European Association of Archaeologists annual conference 2015 in Glasgow. EAA have now announced that: it is my pleasure to inform you that video recordings from selected sessions at the EAA conference in Glasgow 2015 are now available at http://e-a-a.org/Glasgow2015video.htm. The list of recorded sessions will be growing as the film material is processed and uploaded, so please check the site regularly. This pilot project has been executed for free by Landward Research Ltd. and based on your feedback the EAA Executive Board will consider developing this endeavour at the coming conferences. Recordings from selected sessions are available here. Landward Research Ltd…

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    EAA Plzen

    Landward Research Ltd were represented at the European Association of Archaeologists' 19th Annual Meeting in Plzen in September 2013. Kenneth Aitchison gave two papers, presenting Oranges are not the only fruit: choice, competition and collaboration between professional associations in the Committee on Professional Associations in Archaeology sesssion The Roles and Benefits of Professional Associations in Europe and Beyond which he also co-chaired, and PhD by Research Publications  in What should a PhD in archaeology be all about? He also co-organised the Discovering the Archaeologists of Europe – and of the World session.

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    Register of Professional Archaeologists at EAA

    This report has just been published on the ACRA-L mailing list. It's a useful overview of the Discovering the Archaeologists of Europe project, and introduces discussion of a Discovering the Archaeologists of the Americas project.   EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION OF ARCHAEOLOGISTS MEETING, OSLO, NORWAY, 2011, AND DISCOVERING THE ARCHAEOLOGISTS OF EUROPE:RPA PRESIDENT’S REPORT Presentation on RPA to EAA Session on Professional Associations Photo by Mike Polk. Between September 14th and 18th approximately 800 archaeologists, including 22 from the United States, met for four days of papers, sessions, excursions and other events in the orderly port city of Oslo. The EAA provides a forum for archaeologists all over Europe to communicate on…

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    Studying Archaeology in Europe

    Studying Archaeology in Europe is a new transnational project being managed by . Within Europe, professional archaeology is an activity regulated according to local legislative structures. Throughout Europe, however, the purpose of archaeological work is to identify, record and, where necessary, protect the environmental resources that are the archaeological traces of people’s lives in the past and which are characterised within a common theoretical, cultural and chronological framework.  This common purpose and framework makes it possible for individuals to study archaeology, and to practice as professional archaeologists throughout Europe.  This project will support the experiences and needs of archaeology students across Europe who will become the professional archaeologists of the…

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    Discovering the Archaeologists of Europe 2012-14

    Following a very successful Preparatory Visit Meeting, hosted by the European Association of Archaeologists, the organisations represented at that meeting agreed to continue to look closely at working together to participate in a new Discovering the Archaeologists of Europe project. This will update and expand the partnership represented in the original (2006-08) project. The following documents are now available for download:     the agreed Project Outline (Word 97-03, 29.5Kb)     the PowerPoint Presentation used to support the meeting (PowerPoint 97-03, 9.0Mb)     the minutes of the meeting (Word 97-03, 117kb) Any other organisation that is interested in participating in this project is welcome to contact Kenneth Aitchison of Landward Research Ltd.  Project team at…