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    Archaeological Market Survey 2017-18

    The Archaeological Market Survey for 2017-18 has been published and is available for download: Archaeological Market Survey 2017-18. This report has been produced by Landward Research Ltd on behalf of FAME, CIfA and Historic England. Key Results of the Survey Record levels of commercial investment and employment for archaeologists in the UK. The numbers of people employed as professional archaeologists, both in applied commercial archaeology and across the entire archaeological sector in the UK, were higher 2017-18 than they had ever been before. £239m was invested in the economy through applied archaeology in 2017-18 Despite the sector’s wariness about the future of the market (a major factor in which appears…

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    Professional Associations working to Shared Professional Standards

    The CIfA International Practice Special Interest Group, together with the EAA Committee on Professional Associations in Archaeology, will be organising a round table session at the EAA Annual Conference in Barcelona in September 2018. The EAA Committee on Professional Associations in Archaeology and the CIfA International Practice Special Interest Group want to promote high standards in archaeological work. We strongly believe that standards should not be bounded by national borders or organisations, but that they can be shared and applied internationally. In the last year, several professional associations have made symbolic moves towards closer cooperation, and this session will explore exactly what this means in terms of supporting high-quality work…

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    Archaeological Market Survey 2017

    Landward Research Ltd’s annual Archaeological Market Survey report for 2016-17 has been published. Download Archaeological Market Survey 2017 In financial year 2016-17 commercial archaeology grew in terms of the number of employees working in the sector, but levels of financial turnover decreased and profit levels were unchanged. The sector was not as confident as it had been a year earlier. The majority of businesses in the sector did not expect to expand significantly in the next year (2017-18) (e.g. in premises, vehicles, capital equipment), but they had increased their staff complements (and continued to plan to do further in the next year). While staffing levels were increasing, average levels of turnover (and so turnover per…

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    Supporting CIfA 2017, Newcastle

    Landward Research Ltd is proud to be supporting the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists‘ 2017 annual conference Archaeology: a global profession at Newcastle University from 19-21 April 2017.   We will be video recording and live streaming sessions. For more information on our video services please contact doug@landward.org.

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    Archaeological Market Survey 2016

    The report on the Archaeological Market Survey 2016, undertaken by Landward Research Ltd on behalf of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists, the Federation of Archaeological Managers and Employers and Historic England, is now available. Download Archaeological Market Survey 2016.  Executive Summary This Archaeological Market Survey report is on the State of the Market for Archaeological Services in the United Kingdom in 2015-16. It has been prepared by Landward Research Ltd on behalf of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists, FAME (Federation of Archaeological Managers and Employers) and Historic England. The overall aims of this survey are to provide: a unique analysis of the archaeological sector as part of the overall UK…

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    codes of conduct

    Landward Research Ltd corporately and / or  its individual staff members are required to follow the following professional Codes of Conduct: Market Research Society Chartered Institute for Archaeologists Register of Professional Archaeologists Transparency Register

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    Heritage Market Survey 2014

    The report on the Heritage Market Survey 2014, which collected data on the condition of commercial archaeology in the UK in March 2014 has been published. Download Heritage Market Survey 2014 Report.   Executive Summary This Heritage Market Survey report is on the State of the Market for Archaeological Services in 2013-14 and has been prepared by Landward Research Ltd on behalf of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists, FAME and Historic England. At the end of March 2014, the number of people working in archaeology was increasing and business confidence was high. Employment In total, it is estimated that the applied archaeology sectoral workforce grew by 3.0% between December 2012…

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    CIfA Conference 2015

    The Chartered Institute for Archaeologists’ annual conference – the first for the Institute with its newly Chartered status, will be held in Cardiff from 15th- 17th April 2015. Two sessions are co-organised by Landward Research Ltd staff members: Demystifying ‘Capacity Building’ and The Future of Engagement, and we are also providing videorecording services for ten of the sessions.

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    The Future of Engagement

    THE FUTURE OF ENGAGEMENT, a session at CIfA 2015 conference will be held in the Mercure Holland House hotel Cardiff on Wednesday 15th April 2015. Organisers: Doug Rocks‐Macqueen, Landward Research Ltd (doug@landward.org) and Cara Jones, Archaeology Scotland (c.jones@archaeologyscotland.org.uk) In the fiscal year 2013‐14 more jobs were advertised on BAJR and the Jobs Information Service for Archaeology Public Engagement than for Supervisor positions or Senior Managers or Consultants or a whole host of other positions. Engaging with the people is fast become one of the largest sub‐sectors of archaeological work. But where is engagement going? Themes we wish to discuss within this session include: Will Public Archaeology become its own profession?  Will we change…

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    Demystifying ‘Capacity Building’

    DEMYSTIFYING 'CAPACITY BUILDING' is a session at the forthcoming CIfA conference 2015, to be held in the Brecon Room, Mercure Holland House Hotel Cardiff at 2.00pm on Thursday 16th April 2015. Organisers: Amanda Feather, Historic England (amanda.feather@HistoricEngland.org.uk) and Kenneth Aitchison, Landward Research Ltd (kenneth.aitchison@landward.eu) 'Capacity Building' is a familiar phrase in the world of development‐aid projects, but not something that is genuinely well understood away from that sector.   This is not simply 'training' with a different name. It is a well‐defined process that allows organisations to move from an existing state to one of higher capacity, and this session seeks to apply this across the whole profession by focussing on building the capacity of…