Summer Internship Opportunity

Job Description       Intern

Period                    Eight or Twelve weeks in summer 2015

Reward                  Tax free training allowance – £250 / week


About the Company

Landward Research Ltd was established in 1997, initially to do archaeological fieldwork and heritage management projects. It became a limited company in 1999 and was then dormant between 2001 and 2010 when it was reconstituted it with new articles of association as a not-for-profit enterprise. Since then it has delivered research projects in the UK, Europe and has worked on developing projects in Japan and the United States.

Landward Research Ltd is a human resources consultancy which works with clients by focussing on human capital, knowledge management, capacity building and information systems structures. We deliver training needs assessment that analyses labour market intelligence to structure human capital and community capacity building, and we have historically focussed on work in the cultural heritage sector. Much of the company’s recent work has been funded by the European Commission, and we are keen to expand our international work.

Currently, the company employs two members of staff. An intern could potentially be involved in European projects looking at skills development (Accessing Green Skills or Innovative format of education and training of the integrated archaeological and natural heritage) or labour market intelligence.



To contribute to the company’s work in current and new projects, and to potentially bring in new ideas for the company.

Currently, we are close to completing a transnational project funded by the European Commission, “Adapting Green Skills to Vocational Education”, with partners from Turkey, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Germany, and the Intern would work on completing research and writing reports.

We have also just been commissioned to be part of a new transnational project, “Innovative format of education and training of the integrated archaeological and natural heritage”, led by Polish partners, to develop training materials for heritage management professionals, and the Intern would contribute to research towards this project.


Reporting to

Executive Director


Person Specification

We are looking for someone who is self-reliant, can work without constant close supervision

Ideas and attitudes are more important than specific backgrounds.

As well as doing research and reporting, we also would like to take on someone that has ideas that they want to develop and that can be commercialised. If their idea fits into – or even better, if it expands the company’s profile, then Landward Research Ltd would consider making a real capital investment in supporting the project.

While we are interested in developing the company’s work in the areas of:

  • Heritage Management
  • Skills and Training Needs Assessment
  • E-learning development

that list should not be considered exhaustive and we would consider a student from any course – a few that caught our eyes were

  • Cultural Heritage Studies
  • Built Environment: Sustainable Heritage
  • Development Administration and Planning
  • Environment and Sustainable Development
  • European Public Policy
  • Globalisation
  • Project and Enterprise Management

But, again, an enthusiastic and energetic student from any course who has the right kind of ideas might fit into the bigger picture very well.


Please see for further details on the Summer Internships programme

To apply – internship has closed.


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