Professional Associations working to Shared Professional Standards

The CIfA International Practice Special Interest Group, together with the EAA Committee on Professional Associations in Archaeology, will be organising a round table session at the EAA Annual Conference in Barcelona in September 2018.

The EAA Committee on Professional Associations in Archaeology and the CIfA International Practice Special Interest Group want to promote high standards in archaeological work. We strongly believe that standards should not be bounded by national borders or organisations, but that they can be shared and applied internationally.

In the last year, several professional associations have made symbolic moves towards closer cooperation, and this session will explore exactly what this means in terms of supporting high-quality work internationally.

A small number of speakers will be invited to present their members’ experiences of cooperation and sharing standards, and how this has changed perceptions and attitudes.

Following these contributions, there will be an open discussion about the benefits of and mechanisms for sharing international standards.

This is session #640 at the conference

The call for papers is now open – to propose a paper, please visit https://eaa.klinkhamergroup.com/eaa2018/

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