Offsetting Business Travel

As part of Landward Research Ltd's environmental policy, we choose to offset the company's carbon footprint by donating to the Optimum Population Trust through PopOffsets, funding the unmet need for family planning and the removal of the many barriers to women who want smaller families. Landward Research Ltd, through the OPT, recognises the intrinsic links between increasing COemissions, climate change and the world’s ever-growing population.

October 2010 – March 2011 Landward Research Ltd Business Travel
vehicle miles CO2 kg
car 203 84.04
bus or underground 147 6.91
domestic train 3486 299.80
international train 1046 89.96
aeroplane 2699 2234.77
ship                         0 0
total                     7581 2715.48

Note: air travel has an emissions multiplier of 3* the amount of carbon dioxide released.

The Optimum Population Trust has chosen a figure of £10 (approximately $15 or €12) which they feel comfortable that, if spent on family planning, after overheads, will save 1 tonne of carbon dioxide. Accordingly, Landward Research Ltd made certified donations totalling £27.16 to offset business travel between October 2010 and March 2011.

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