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Help our profession or UK’s shared history will be lost, say archaeologists

“We know that our archaeological treasures are irreplaceable and we are determined to protect them. Our planning reforms will build on the strong protections already in place. Our deal with the EU means archaeologists can make short trips to the UK without work permits, and their qualifications will be recognised.”

Remarkable quote from “a government spokesman” in article in The Observer, 30th May 2021 by Dalya Alberge

Courtesy of Guardian News & Media Ltd

This is the first time that Landward, or FAME, have heard reference to EU archaeologists being able to be employed on short-contracts in the UK post-Brexit.

The article as a whole is a timely discussion piece, with well-informed comments from Lisa Westcott-Wilkins, Sorina Spanou, Chris Gerrard, Hugh Willmott and David Connolly – but that quote is very important.

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