“Even after more than 10 years in this job the course still taught me something and allowed me to appreciate a more patient and thorough review of aerial photographs … I was so taken by the quality and professionalism of the course.”

John Trehy, Terence O’Rourke Ltd, commenting on An Introduction to Using Aerial Photography for Archaeological Heritage Management. September 2015.


“Following a request from the Scottish Archaeological Research Framework Science Panel, Historic Scotland commissioned Landward Research to produce a Directory of Archaeological Scientists in Scotland. We were delighted that Landward were able to put together a ‘dream team’ of experts with precisely the sector-specific and technical knowledge that we needed.”

Dr Rebecca Jones, Head of Archaeology Strategy, Historic Scotland. May 2015.


“It was a great pleasure to have Dr Kenneth Aitchison of Landward Research present the results of his world-leading work on archaeological employment and skills in Bangor University’s archaeology research seminar series. As the leading expert on archaeological employment in Europe, his insights will certainly provide a boost to the employability and career prospects of the many of our students who attended his lecture.”

Professor Raimund Karl, Professor of Archaeology and Heritage, Bangor University. May 2015.

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