Discovering the Archaeologists of Europe 2012-14

Following a very successful Preparatory Visit Meeting, hosted by the European Association of Archaeologists, the organisations represented at that meeting agreed to continue to look closely at working together to participate in a new Discovering the Archaeologists of Europe project.

This will update and expand the partnership represented in the original (2006-08) project.

The following documents are now available for download:

    the agreed Project Outline (Word 97-03, 29.5Kb)

    the PowerPoint Presentation used to support the meeting (PowerPoint 97-03, 9.0Mb)

    the minutes of the meeting (Word 97-03, 117kb)

Any other organisation that is interested in participating in this project is welcome to contact Kenneth Aitchison of Landward Research Ltd. 

Project team at Archeologicky ustav Praha. Photo: Jan Frolik.

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