delivering e-learning with CoursePark

Landward Research Ltd is delighted to be working with CoursePark, a cloud-based learning management solution, to provide e-learning courses in heritage management.

We have just entered the testing phase of materials that have been produced through our work with colleagues across Europe on the Vocational Training System in Archaeological Heritage Based Upon E-Learning Resources project.

Eight testers, based in the UK, France, Belgium, Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina are looking at the first set of e-learning materials that we have opened up through CoursePark in a learning network called "Issues on Contemporary Archaeological Heritage Management".

The courses have been put together by professionals from across Europe, and will include varied case studies in covering:

  • problematic heritage
  • cultural biography of landscape
  • commercial archaeology
  • public archaeology
  • sustainable development

Once the testing phase is completed, we will be reporting on this at the European Association of Archaeologists' Annual Meeting in Helsinki, and will be making more courses available later in the year.

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