In March 2015 the UK chapter of CAA held their annual conference. Doug Rocks-Macqueen videorecorded several papers, which are now online with links below.

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Digitised Diseases: 3D digital documentation of bone change in cases of chronic disease

by Andrew S. Wilson, Tom Sparrow, Andrew Holland, Becky Storm, Emma L. Brown, Pawel Eliasz, David Keenan, Carina Phillips, Natasha Powers, Jo Buckberry, Chris Gaffney, Hassan Ugail, Keith Manchester


What have the Romans ever done for us? Digital strategies for research syntheses & fieldwork reports

by Tim Evans


Developing an integrated digital data workflow for the 100 Minories project

by John Layt


Plan, Features, Sections: Using NLP to remove ambiguity from Grey Literature

by Michael Charno


Exploring sustainable publication and the web: a case-study from ARK perspective

by Michael Johnson, J. Andrew Dufton, Elizabeth Fentress


Multidisciplinary research of Iron Age sites and landscapes of Slovenia

by Matija Crešnar, Branko Mušic, Dimitrij Mlekuž,


Legacy Data – Open strategies for closed data

by Graeme Attwood, Finnegan Pope-Carter


CBA East Midlands Boundaries Project

by Catherine Wells


Geospatial Geophysics: Processing GNSS located data in python

by Finnegan Pope-Carter


Developing a method for a spatial correspondence analysis

by Martin Sterry


Adventures in Agriculture: Experimental modelling for economic analysis

by Helen Goodchild


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