Archaeology students can help their peers study abroad

Archaeology students to rate their experience of foreign exchange

The first international survey of European students of archaeology starts on the 4th May 2012.  The survey is part of a project, “Studying Archaeology in Europe”, created specifically to encourage students to make more exchange visits across the European Union by helping them know more about studying abroad.  The online survey asks participants to give information about the contents of their archaeology courses, the professional archaeological skills they have learned, local study costs, their knowledge of exchange opportunities, and their own experiences of studying archaeology in another country, and their plans to work as archaeologists abroad.    Survey data, from students themselves, will provide the missing information students need in order to choose which countries and universities are good for foreign exchange visits.

“Studying Archaeology in Europe” is an international project supported by 16 archaeological organisations based in 13 countries across Europe.  The original idea for this project was suggested by students themselves who were keen to improve the opportunities for other students to study at universities in another country and, eventually, to be able to work as archaeologists across Europe. Most of these partner organisations of the project are student societies.   To complement data gathered through the online student survey, the Project has also been collecting background information on archaeology courses taught at individual universities across the European Union, and has commissioned some general information about the ways in which archaeology is taught across Europe.  “Studying Archaeology in Europe” will make all this data freely available via its website ( from September 2012, and visitors to the site will be able to add to this data in future years.   “Studying Archaeology in Europe” will provide the first single source of information about exchange opportunities and practicalities for studying archaeology across Europe.

In addition to the provision of information, “Studying Archaeology in Europe” will also host an online, student-led, peer-support social network.  This network will help students make contacts in other European countries, decide where to study and support each other during their exchanges visits.

 “This is a very timely initiative which will make it much easier for archaeology students to go abroad during their degree. As an Austrian archaeologist who moved to Wales for a career in archaeology, I cannot stress strongly enough how important mobility has become in today’s archaeology labour market.” Prof Raimund Karl. 


“Studying Archaeology in Europe” Project Partners

Alfa Archeologie Belgium

Associacion Madrilena de Trabajadoras y Trabajadores en Arqueologia Spain

ArCHéoStudis Switzerland

ArkéoTopia, une autre voie pour l’archéologie France

Dachverband Archäologischer Studierendenvertretungen Germany

Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for History, Classics and Archaeology United Kingdom

Instituto de Ciencias del Patriminio Spain

Internationales Österreichisches Archäologie Forum Austria

Landward Research Ltd United Kingdom

Študentsko arheološko društvo Slovenia

The Archaeological Club of the Silesian University of Opava Czech Republic

The Gothenburg Archaeological student Association Sweden

Deutscher Archäologen-Verband Germany

Arbeitsgrupe Archäologie ais Beruf Germany

DALF Denmark

Fagutvalget for arkeologi Norway

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