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Archaeology in Development Management

New research reveals the significant contribution of Local Authority Archaeology in Development

Archaeological work was fully incorporated into the planning system across the UK in the early 1990s to manage the impacts that development may have upon the historic environment. The report presents the results of research conducted by Landward Research Ltd for ALGAO:UK, on the archaeology sector in developmental management and its contributions in England, Scotland and Wales. 

The report looks at; the positive impact the existing system makes on the sector and beyond, how successful the existing system is and whether it is delivering the process it was created for. It’s the first detailed piece of research into the topic by ALGAO and it highlights the savings produced by the current system as well it’s the contribution to the economy: 

–    Commercial Archaeology makes a £218m direct contribution to the economy
–    For every £1 spent on Local Authority Planning Archaeology £15 is returned.
–    5000 (74%) archaeologists are employed because of the developmental management system
–    Work of members provides up to an estimated £1.3bn in savings to construction industry through reduced delay costs in 2017-18 alone
–    Current provision of Local Authority based archaeological services worth up to £245m in savings to public purse in 2017-18

Download the report here

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