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ALGAO LAS Covid-19 Impact Survey: An ALGAO:Cymru perspective on the results


The ALGAO COVID-19 Impact study was published earlier this week with the support of ALGAO:Cymru. Of the respondents to the UK-wide survey, over 98 percent of local authorities continued to provide a level of planning function despite the lockdown. Whilst some aspects of local authority archaeological work in Wales was impacted by the pandemic in terms of staffing and service level, this does not appear to have affected its capacity to provide a planning service. Most aspects of this have continued at full capacity despite unprecedented adversity. Wales has been incredibly resilient and these findings demonstrate how diligent colleagues and their organisations have been during this period. As Chair of ALGAO:Cymru I would like to thank these colleagues for their hard work during this challenging time.

(Source: Aitchison et al. 2020. Impact of Covid-19 on Local Authority Archaeology Services. Landward Research Ltd. Figure 5, pg.14)

The full report is available at:

Tomos Ll. Jones

ALGAO:Cymru Chair

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