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10 years

Ten years ago today, on 10/10/10, I launched Landward Research Ltd.

Thanks to everyone who has helped the company grow through its first decade of profitable, carbon-neutral trading. With your support, we’ve gone from being a one-person operation to become a company that has had 15 employees in seven countries, with two subsidiary companies in Cork and Albuquerque. Together we have delivered 119 projects across five continents.

Thanks to all of our employees past and present, to the Directors, to our subcontractors and many thanks to our valued clients who have trusted us to deliver for them.

Now we are looking to the future. Our second decade will bring new challenges and opportunities. We are innovating, adapting and confidently planning our work for a world that has changed so much since 2010.

As we keep scaling up, our clients can rely on us to continue delivering results for them. Employers, educators, individual archaeologists and heritage workers can trust us as their global provider of the information they need to plan their professional futures.

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