Landward Research Ltd is a global labour market intelligence, skills development and monitoring & evaluation consultancy which identifies and delivers ways to strengthen the skills, competencies and capabilities of individuals, organisations and communities around the world.

Our work focuses on measuring, building and evaluating capacity development through:

  • the delivery of labour market intelligence research (to measure capacity and contextualise needs); we also undertake broader social and economic research that contributes to this area,
  • the development and delivery of e-learning and video training resources (to build capacity and skills), and
  • the monitoring and evaluation of educational programmes (to evaluate capacity development).

We are a not-for-distributable profit social enterprise with a commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Any profits are reinvested in the company or invested in social and environmental causes. No profits are distributed to shareholders or other investors.

We have specialised in work with the heritage and environmental sectors, and we particularly seek to work in areas where the market fails to provide opportunities for human capacity development.

Landward Research Ltd – training needs assessment with a results-based approach